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Rethinking tool procurement

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As a result of the greater variety of models with more component variants and, at the same time, lower quantities per injection molding tool, the requirements of OEMs and Tier 1s have risen sharply in recent years. This results in a lower budget available for injection molding tools. Because of this, more and more tools were being made in China. However, the price difference between Chinese and European tool manufacturers is nowhere near as great as it was 20 years ago. You will only get a tool quality similar to that in Europe when manufacturing in China if you continuously make a high effort with tool tracking on site. This can only be achieved with time-consuming and expensive trips from Europe to China if you do not have a reliable local partner in China.

In addition, the exploitation of employees in Chinese companies and often inhumane working conditions are increasingly coming to the fore, so that European companies are placing increasing importance on taking these factors into account when selecting their suppliers. The contribution of companies along the entire supply chain to achieving climate targets will also become more and more a priority. Anyone who makes little or no contribution must expect not to be nominated as a supplier.

We advise suppliers and tool manufacturers taking these factors into account and offer the development and implementation of a sustainable change strategy.

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