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Gunter Frank
Managing Director


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Plastic injection molding tools in the automotive industry and in other industries are textured either with conventional chemical etching, with modern laser technology or EDM.

Experience shows that many customers of texturing companies do not have sufficient knowledge of feasibility, problems and error root causes, especially when it comes to chemical etching.

Don’t you want to finally close this knowledge gap?

After more than 20 years of experience in the texturing business, we offer our expert knowledge to all companies that are directly or indirectly involved in injection molding tools, plastic components and texturing projects within the supply chain. We know the challenges and problems at the customers who have injection molding tools textured all over the world and produce textured plastic components, from the early design phase to the textured tool and the approved plastic components.

We are also very familiar with the various texturing processes and technologies, the procedures and problems at texturing companies.

Are you an OEM, system supplier (Tier1), component supplier (Tier2) or toolmaker and unfortunately experience such situations far too often?

Do you need support in managing texturing projects?

Local and global management of texturing projectsProblems to meet the quality requirements straight away?

As experts in surface texturing of injection molding tools, we offer you my support. A specific strategy must be developed and implemented for every texturing project. Transparent communication between all parties and consistent implementation of measures according to a set schedule are indispensable to achieve the required “Perceived Quality” directly without the usual detours.

Do you recognize these types of situations?

Then let’s solve the problems together.

Finally speaking at eye level with texturing companies

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