Tool management

„Recognizing the problem is more important than recognizing the solution. Because the exact representation of the problem leads to the solution.“
Albert Einstein

Tool management

Sustainable strategy through agile project and risk management


Since the financial crisis in 2009, a trend is emerging that fewer tools are made in China. This trend has been reinforced by the corona pandemic due to the long-lasting limitations and associated scheduling and delivery delays. Due to increasingly recurring risk situations, many companies are considering developing and implementing a sustainable strategy.

We are firmly convinced that in the future the production of injection molding tools will again be increasingly placed in Europe and we offer you to take over the project and risk management of injection molding tools within Europe for you.


  • Calculation of the price and production time of tools
  • Specification and project planning of tools
  • Scheduling tool production
  • Support with article construction
  • Specification creation
  • Concept development
  • Tool design
  • Examination of tool design
  • On-site support for tool manufacturers
  • Takeover of supplier management
  • Tool relocation support


  • Maximum transparency of the supply chain
  • Assurance of component quality through analysis
  • Tool manufacturing progress control
  • Compliance tool budget and time schedule
  • Ensuring quality in series production

As part of the tool management, we also offer the performance of  complete tool projects within Europe.

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Business Development

In the course of the rapidly advancing digital transformation in all industries and the ever shorter market cycles, it is becoming increasingly difficult for European manufacturers of injection molding tools, component and system suppliers to develop and sustainably create the vital innovation lead in the global competition. The development and implementation of clear strategies and visions as well as the constant checking of the efficiency of the existing business models have become more important than ever for companies and start-ups.

Trend recognition and the respective generation of innovations, development and implementation of an efficient marketing and sales strategy are the most important tasks for companies that want to stay in the market over the long term.

We support you in these tasks and develop your potential with the help of our global network of contacts in the automotive industry and other industries, which we have built up over 25 years, as well as our many years of experience in all areas of the company, especially in business development.

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Development and implementation

Tool Procurement


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