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Lead texturing projects to success in an agile and sustainable way

The management of texturing projects at OEMs, system suppliers, plastic component suppliers and tool manufacturers has become increasingly complex in recent years due to ever higher quality requirements. Problems are inevitable, especially in global projects where injection molding tools have to be textured in several countries and then relocated to the production site.

There is often not enough time to release the texture before relocating the tool. After the tools arrive at the production site, the texture must be optimized in no time at all in terms of gloss level, appearance, surface defects, etc. Sometimes this doesn’t work right away, but only after one or even several optimization loops. In the worst case, the “Perceived Quality” requirements can no longer be met for technical reasons, so that unintended compromises have to be made by the OEMs.

Due to such and other cases, the project goals are only achieved shortly before the SOP (start of production) or possibly even too late, which in turn causes further high costs through quality rework and extra transports etc.

If you finally want to get a grip on such cases, then we should talk.

As experts in texturing, tools, injection molding and plastic components, it is a concern to us that local and global texturing projects are successfully coordinated. In the course of this support, the project-specific definition of the strategy and support in its agile implementation takes place. There is a periodic progress control according to the OKR principle. If desired, an examination and assessment of the costs for the texturing of the injection molding tools can be carried out.

From the beginning of the project, you communicate timely the necessary content to all texturing companies involved. In case of delays and technical problems, we are also available to advise you.

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