Texturing MasterClass

Finally speaking at eye level with texturing companies

Chemically etched surface textures and their problems make customers of texturing companies reflect and sometimes even despair. Understanding these types of surface textures can only be achieved by going deeper to feel them.

Experience with your team what that means in concrete terms! On a concentrated day, you and your team will come closer to a much better understanding of the subject of chemically etched surface textures – and that in a sustainable way!

Seminar participants:

System suppliers Tier1
Component suppliers Tier2
Tool manufacturers

Seminar content:

  • Basics of chemical etching technology
  • Different texturing processes
  • Process steps of the chemical etching process
  • Examples of different chemically etched textures
  • Etchable materials
  • Non-etchable materials
  • Etching of aluminum
  • Chemical composition limit values
  • Feasibility
  • Development of texture masters
  • Calculation of the minimum draft
  • Transitions between different textures
  • Differences in texture appearance
  • Measurement technology and devices
  • Gloss level adjustment steel vs. plastic component
  • Gloss level limits as a function of the plastic material
  • Free bands at the parting line
  • Tool preparation
  • Texture damage, welding and repair
  • Glossary

The Texturing MasterClass (TMC) seminar can be booked by employees from one company. The number of participants must be at least 6 and should be a maximum of 10. The seminars take place exclusively in your company.

If you are interested in the TMC, please contact us using the contact form or by phone. After specifying the expected number of participants from your company and your preferred dates, we will be happy to make you an offer including possible dates.

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